Gluten-Free Food Program Inc USA & Canada


Andrew Batten
Executive Director
Phone: 888-902-5104 Ext 101

Allen Rekunyk
Vice President, Certificate Programs                                                                         (Sales, Business & Technical Inquiries - United States, Canada, International)
Phone: 888-902-5104 Ext 103

Kim Barter
GF-Finder Support Manager
Phone: 888-902-5104 Ext 104

Jacquie Peppler
Accounts Receivables
Phone: 888-902-5104 Ext 102


Elisa Shepherd
Regional Sales Representative, Certification Programs                                      (Eastern and Atlantic Canada)
Phone:  514-506-0421

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Gluten–Free Food Program Inc International

Phone +61 (0)383 759 076

Europe (United Kingdom)
Phone +44 (0)753 331 5312

New Zealand
Phone +64 (0)22 0434552

Gluten–Free Endorsement Partners

National Celiac Association
General inquires
Phone: 1-888-423-5422

Canadian Celiac Association
General inquires
Phone: 1.800.363.7296

Coeliaque Québec
General inquires
Phone: 1+ 514-529-8806