Cru d'abeille

Rachel Di Martino

Cru d’Abeille Products have been Certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten-Free Food Program (GFFP) since 2021, and the National Celiac Association endorses the GFFP certification program.

Cru d’Abeille was born of the ambition of two mead-loving professional beer brewers. We intend to modernize and popularize this venerable beverage by offering an original lineup of low alcohol, gluten-free, sparkling, refreshing and delicious meads. Most people are familiar with mead in its traditional form, but with Cru d’Abeille unique flavors and modern packaging, you will soon understand that it can be so much more.

  • Cucumber Flavored Carbonated Mead   (Concombre)
  • Hops Flavored Carbonated Mead (Houblonnee)
  • Nature Flavored Carbonated Mead (Nature)
  • Raspberry Hibiscus Flavored Carbonated Mead  (Framboise Hibiscus)











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