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Take Five Products have been Certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten-Free Food Program (GFFP) since 2022, and the National Celiac Association endorses the GFFP certification program.

SBG Beer, LLC. is a US family owned business, first established in 2020, who specialize in the development and manufacture of alcoholic and CBD infused beverages. They developed TAKE FIVE to help give consumers the motivation they need to reward themselves for their everyday.  They knew that only too often, we all forget to stop and we don’t regularly enough, just take some time out for ourselves.  TAKE FIVE advocates doing just that and provides the ultimate refreshment to accompany those precious moments, whatever form they may take.


In our busy lives we all need a little time out.  A moment to reflect on what we’ve achieved.  Big or small, monumental or trivial, it doesn’t matter.  It’s not about waiting for vacations or long weekends.  It’s right here, right now.  We can reward ourselves, because we’ve earned it!  Now’s the Time to TAKE FIVE.

TAKE FIVE is always crafted Conscience Clear®.  They select only the purest ingredients from ethical sources, we use only natural flavorings and we don’t add sugar or artificial flavorings to our beverages.  We don’t cut corners and we believe this dedication to creating the purest, best tasting drinks we possibly can, is reflected in the quality and taste of every uniquely refreshing sip.

TAKE FIVE Hard Seltzers

With the seltzers, they brew their premium malts using special techniques which creates a completely clean and clear alcohol base.  They then combine this with their pure seltzer water and natural fruit flavors.  They never use artificial flavors or added sugars, so their seltzers are delicate, light and uniquely refreshing.  Each flavor is zero carbs, zero sugar, just 100 calories a can, gluten free and vegan friendly.

TAKE FIVE CBD Infused Waters

Every bottle of CBD infused water is a carefully curated blend of 25m of naturally derived CBD from industrial hemp, all-natural flavorings and pure carbonated spring water.  The CBD is 100% traceable back to its source and as they never use artificial flavorings or sugar in their products, the CBD waters are completely sugar free and contain one of the lowest calorie contents currently available in this serve size.  Each bottle is 10 calories or less and is, of course, gluten free and vegan friendly too.  The CBD is served in a glass bottle to guarantee stability and CBD potency overtime which is something that can’t be guaranteed with CBD drinks served in aluminium cans.

  • Cherry 5%: SBD-TFCH355US
  • Cranberry Raspberry 5%: SBD-TFCR355US
  • Lemon Lime 5%: SBD-TFLL355US
  • Mango 5%: SBD-TFMG355US
  • CBD Water 25 mg Blueberry: SBD-TFCBDBVA355US12
  • CBD Water 25 mg Green Tea: SBD-TFCBDGCM355US12
  • CBD Water 25 mg Ginger: SBD-TFCBDGGL355US12
  • CBD Water 25 mg Mango Yuzu: SBD-TFCBDMYB355US12


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