About the Gluten-Free Restaurant Program (GFRP)


The Gluten-Free Restaurant Program (GFRP), provides food service handlers and operators with the required knowledge and best practices to responsibly meet the special dietary needs of people needing to eat gluten-free food.

GFRP benefits a wide range of businesses committed to serving the gluten-free population, including restaurants, foodservice outlets, caterers, camps, hotels, convention centres, healthcare, and educational institutions.

Through the easily identifiable and recognizable GFRP Marks of Trust, GFRP helps consumers find safer, more reliable gluten-free dining options.

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GF-Verified and GF-Dedicated

Offering safe, reliable gluten-free food ensures your restaurant is keeping up with the rapidly growing gluten-free consumer base. GFRP certification assure your customers that your restaurant standards and practices meet the highest industry requirements, as recognized by our three leading Celiac Association partners in North America: National Celiac Association (NCA), Canadian Celiac Association (CCA), and Cœliaque Quebec (CQ).

GF-Verified indicates a restaurant produces both gluten-containing and gluten-free food options and meets the GFRP Standards for serving gluten-free foods safety in a non-dedicated gluten-free establishment.

GF-Dedicated indicates that all food options served in the restaurant are gluten-free and meets the GFRP Standards for serving gluten-free foods safety in a dedicated establishment.

GF Verified mark of trust GF Dedicated

GFRP Technical Standards

Guidelines and Activities Includes:

1.0  Senior Management Commitment

2.0  Staff Training And Communication

3.0. Gluten Free Menu Planning

4.0  Establishing Food Handling Policies And Procedures To Prevent Accidental         Contamination.

4.1   Receiving and Storage

4.2   Cleaning and Personal Hygiene

4.3   Food Preparation and Equipment

4.4   Greeting, Ordering and Serving

4.5   Off-site Deliveries

5.0  Documentation, Monitoring, Verifying and Reporting

The GFRP Standards contain over 50 key points which are audited by a third party. Each participating restaurant must successfully complete the audit prior to receiving GFRP Certification.