Safe Gluten-Free Cooking at Home


GFFP offers GF-Smart home-based online training designed to help you prepare gluten-free food at home safely and with confidence. ​

​If you are a newly diagnosed celiac, gluten intolerant or just wish to avoided gluten, GF-Smart training is a great way to find out all the essential steps needed to safely prepare gluten-free meals at home. ​

GF-Smart Training

GF SmartGF-Smart training offers the same knowledge, understanding and principles that a GFFP certified restaurant will follow, including ingredient sourcing, proper storage practices, avoiding cross-contamination, gluten-free food preparation and serving. ​

​GF-Smart training is an essential step to keep you and your loved ones safe at home:​

  • Understand the dietary needs of a growing medically diagnosed group​
  • Increase their confidence when dealing with a gluten-free request​
  • Provide better customer service​
  • Receive fewer complaints, improve job efficiency​
  • Become a more desirable hire ​

Test your knowledge today!​

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