A Traditional Italian Taste In Every Bite

June 2022 Featured Brand

As a Gluten-Free Food Program Certified Brand from Montreal, Quebec, Biscotti Diana is endorsed by the GFFP Canadian partner in Montreal, Celiaque Quebec.

About Diana

Growing up in an Italian family, food was an integral part of Diana’s daily interactions and traditions. Her family demonstrated their love through the food that they made and shared with others. When a family member and Diana developed celiac disease and food intolerances, she became determined to find a way to make some of the foods that she missed dearly.

Biscotti Diana emerged from this drive, along with the passion to want to help people be able to enjoy the food they once used to have at their family tables or simple desserts they missed.

It’s The Quality That Sets Biscotti Diana Apart

What sets Biscotti Diana apart from others is not only the taste, but the quality of the ingredients used to make products that can be enjoyed by everyone, even those that don’t have to eat gluten-free. True to Diana’s European background, she uses simple and high quality ingredients: inspired by fresh and seasonal ingredients with no unnecessary items added.

At Biscotti Diana you will find artisanal and authentic gluten-free products that merge some old school Italian traditions with new ideas.

This blog post is for information purposes only. Any questions about the company or it’s products should be sent directly to the company.