Thrifty Gluten-Free

​For many people, a medical diagnosis requiring a gluten-free (GF) diet is overwhelming. Suddenly, huge amounts of familiar and favorite foods can no longer be eaten. The stress is particularly acute for people who have just been diagnosed.​ National Celiac Association (NCA) created a cookbook called the Thrifty Gluten-Free.​ The purpose of this budget recipe book …

Shelley Case, dietician

A Gluten-Free Diet

The Gluten-Free Food Program has had the pleasure of working with Shelley on a number of projects including our development of the GFFP GF-Smart training course.  Her book is a great read and packed with interesting information including a gluten-free diet. Shelley is a leading international expert on the gluten-free …

Cover of Gluten Free: The Definitive Resource Guide, book

Gluten Free: The Definitive Resource Guide

In an easy-to-read format, Shelley’s book is jam-packed with practical information about the gluten-free diet. Whether you are a consumer, health professional, chef, food manufacturer or anyone else who needs accurate information about this complex diet… Gluten Free: The Definitive Resource Guide is the book for you! Highlights include: Celiac disease & …

Gluten Free Watchdog, LLC

Gluten Free Watchdog, LLC makes state-of-the-art gluten-free food testing data available directly to you, the consumer.