Cera Products Inc

Andrew Batten

Cera products are Certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten-Free Food Program since 2009 and endorsed by the National Celiac Association.


Perfecting Oral Rehydration Solutions

Cera Products Inc. was born in 1993 to invent and produce a more effective ORS.   Since rice allergies are extremely rare, Riikonen and the doctors quickly became convinced it was the optimal grain.   Three years and multiple research projects, experiments, and manufacturing techniques later she had an Oral Rehydration Solution that could be clinically tested. With support from the LDS foundation, Dr. David Sack’s expert guidance, along with Dr. Zaman and his team the ICDDRB tested this new formula (Zaman 2001).   The test was so successful Riikonen was able to patent the new formula. Since then, an international patent, was also approved and granted. As of 2018 Cera holds three world patents for our revolutionary rice-based rehydration products.

  • Ceralyte 50 Stick Powder-Citrus:
  • Ceralyte 50-Stick Power-Mixed Berry:
  • Ceralyte 70-Power-Natural:
  • Ceralyte 70-Power-Lemon:
  • Ceralyte 70-power-Chicken Broth Flavor:
  • Ceralyte 70- Lemon Beverage:
  • Ceralyte 90-Power-Natural:
  • Cerasport Power-Berry:
  • Cerasport Power-Citrus:
  • Cerasport Beverage-Citrus:
  • Cerasport Stick-Power-Fruit Punch:
  • Cerasport ex1-Power-Orange:
  • Cerasport ex1-Power-Lime:
  • Cerasport ex1-Power-Pomergranate:
  • Ceraspory ex1 Beverage-Lime:


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