Kate’s Safe & Sweet Baking Mixes

October 2021 Featured Food & Beverage Brand

Kate’s Safe & Sweet was started after new mom, Kate, discovered that her new baby daughter, Penny, suffered from severe food allergies.

Kate asked herself the same questions that many people ask when the holidays come or when it’s your child’s birthday; wondering how she would make a cake without eggs, butter or milk and what replacer could she use to get the cake to rise.

“When your child has allergies you typically can’t just walk into a grocery store or bakery and order a cake  –  so you turn to making it yourself. “

Says Kate on safe cake for kids with allergies

After a lot of trial and error, Kate created recipes that her daughter and other children with food allergies, including celiac disease, could eat. The one thing that stands out for her, as a mom, is the stress and uneasiness around special occasions and birthday celebrations. She has seen children be excluded from parties and celebrations because of their allergies, so she wanted to make sure that her cakes were free from the top allergens, so that every child could be included.

In addition to individual baking mixes, Kate’s offers a full party in a box. Boxes include cake mixes, themed cake decorations & plates and more.

Empowering Families

As a food allergy Mom, Kate is passionate about helping others and wants to empower families like hers to celebrate with less stress and more fun. Kate has co-founded a local food allergy support group, helped others with recipes, advice, volunteered for food allergy events, spread the word about teal pumpkins (providing safe Halloween treats for children with food allergies), worked for a national food allergy non-profit, and advocated for children like hers.

Top 14 Allergen Free

Kate is now a Mom of two children with food allergies and has created fantastic top 9 (and top 14) allergen free baking mixes from scratch in her own kitchen alongside her daughter. Her dream was to create something easy and delicious and safe for all! Their mixes will be enjoyed by everyone in the family or at the party, allergies, gluten free, vegan, or not, who will all agree these are tasty and wonderful.

Source: Kates Safe & Sweet website

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