Kirk’s Natural: Simple Clean For Generations

November 2021 Featured Personal Care Brand of the month.

Kirk’s Natural soap products has been a GFFP Certified Gluten-Free brand since 2017 and endorsed is by the National Celiac Association.

Since 1839, families have trusted Kirk’s Natural soap for its high quality and exceptional value. Made with 100% Premium Coconut Oil, family owned and operated, Kirk’s Natural believes that good products don’t need to be complicated.

4 Key Things That Kirk’s Stands by:

  • Create high quality natural products
  • Good products shouldn’t be complicated
  • Use only clean and safe ingredients that are found in nature
  • Getting messy is ok. Love the feeling of clean after the fun.

Giving Back

With a history of more than 180 years, Kirk’s knows that it takes teamwork to accomplish the things that are most important. Community support is a vital part of the Kirk’s brand and actively encourages employees to get involved in helping the community. As a company, Kirk’s is also proud to support charities on a local and national level through in-kind donations.

Find a full listing of Kirk’s Natural GFFP Certified Products on their GF-Finder webpage.

Source: Kirk’s Natural website, Kirk’s gffinder page

Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only. Product inquiries and further information about Kirk’s Natural should be directed to Kirk’s directly.