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Granolust Products are Certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten-Free Food Program (GFFP) since 2021, and the National Celiac Association endorses the GFFP certification program.


According to Granolust; Granolust is super clean, super sexy and super tasty granola that’s all-natural, certified gluten-free, plant-based and Kosher. Granolust was started (accidentally!) in 2017 in Montreal, Canada by Julie, after the owner of a local juice bar fell in love with the granola she was making at home. We use only the healthiest oils, no refined sugars and none of the additives or preservatives that most other granolas use. Our seductive packaging and branding really set us apart on the market. Our 3 traditional flavours (Maple Quinoa Crunch, Triple Nut Crunch and Mocha Chocolate Crunch) are beloved by everyone but our savoury clusters – Rosemary Parmesan (using vegan parmesan), Montreal Bagel and Mango Chili is blowing everyone away. Meant to be used in salads, on soups, avocado toast, fried eggs or just as a snac,  the possibilities are endless and we are the only company offering these unique, revolutionary flavours. #trustthelust

  • Mango Chili
  • Maple Quinoa Crunch
  • Montreal Bagel
  • Rosemary Parmesan
  • Mocha Chocolate Crunch
  • Triple Nut Crunch


The Gluten-Free Food Program (GFFP) provides a platform for listing certified gluten-free clients and their products.  Information on this page has been taken from the client’s website and is not regularly updated. The Gluten-Free Food Program cannot be held liable for claims made. If, for any reason, you are unsure of the content that appears, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the supplier directly, as they manage the daily operations and marketing information before purchasing any item. See contact details below.

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