Molly's Market

Kim Barter

Gluten Free Certified Products Produced by:  Molly’s Market have been Certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten-Free Food Program (GFFP) since 2024, and the National Celiac Association endorses the GFFP certification program.

Company introduction / product description: What we eat should make us feel good! Molly loved baked goods more than anything, but my allergies meant the feeling wasn’t mutual. As a holistic nutritionist, I went on a mission to create delicious, gluten-free,  vegan baked goods made with whole, real ingredients and nothing else. No additives, no preservatives, no fillers, no gluten, no dairy, no eggs, no corn, and no soy.

The storefront opened in 2021 in Molly’s hometown of King City, Ontario. Everything is baked in small batches, by hand, with love. Whether you have allergies, intolerances or just want better-for-you treats, Molly’s Market is here to make your day a little bit sweeter.

  • Breakfast Cookie
  • Chocolate Chunk Cookie
  • Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie
  • Fudge Brownie
  • Mojo Bar
  • Peanut Butter Cups


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Mollys peanut butter cups
Molly fudge brownies
Mollys breakfast cookies
Mollys mojo bars
Mollys double chocolate chunk cookies
Mollys chocolate chunk cookies
13054 Keele St, King City, ON L7B 1H8