December 2021 Featured Food & Beverage Brand

With a family crest that dates back to 1326 AD, Mulay’s products are made from centuries old recipes that have been handed down for generations and are made with real ingredients. It was in 1990 though, after bringing sausages to sell at a local 4th of July market, the Mulay’s Sausage journey began and has been growing ever since. They are now in their 31st year of business and have no sign of slowing down.


Food allergies are something that Mulay’s takes seriously. There are approximately 32 million Americans who experience food allergies that affect their quality of life on a daily basis. Knowing that the “Big 8” cause the majority of reactions, Mulay’s Free FromTM Certification provides their customers products that are safe to consume. The certification process includes a robust audit safeguarding their ingredients and processes from cross contamination throughout every step. For Mulay’s, this is easy, because they have never added fillers to any of their products.

Mulay’s was the 1st meat company to be Certified Free from the Big 8 Allergens!  Using only Heritage Breed Pork, raised with No Antibiotics Ever (NAE), sustainably sourced from small family farms, Mulay’s is Certified Gluten Free, Paleo, & Keto. Mulay’s has always been ahead of emerging trends and that is the way they have been making sausage for generations!


Heritage bred animals are the ones you would find on your great grandparents’ farm! Heritage Breeds date back hundreds of years, so they come from healthier lines and are hardier than their commercially bred cousins. They have been bred over the generations for their specific genetics creating certain traits that allow them to thrive in natural farming conditions and making this sustainable food system taste absolutely delicious!


As a GFFP Certified brand, Mulay’s proves that Gluten-Free products pack in the flavor! They have never used any binders, fillers, or extenders, making their products with only the best quality pork, and spices for a taste that speaks for itself. Mulay’s has always been gluten-free and believes that consumers choose their product because they are the best-tasting sausages that they have ever had.

Boasting Bangers that are delicately delicious, Franks that are not your “parts is parts” kinda dog andMeatballs that are made without using breadcrumbs, Mulay’s products are inspired by the old ways, using only the finest ingredients.

Visit the Mulay’s Sausage webpage to see a full list of GFFP Certified gluten-free products.

Disclaimer: This article is for information purposed only. Any questions or concerns about Mulay’s product should be addressed to Mulay’s Sausage directly.