Spreading Integrity One Jar At A Time

GFFP Featured Brand for May, 2022

Since 1976, Once Again Nut Butter, has been spreading organic and sustainable farming and the power of community with a worker cooperative business that not just works, but thrives. The employee-owned business produces superior products for their customers and are committed to sustainability and spreading integrity.

Where did the name Once Again Nut Butter come from?

The founders had started many businesses previous to this one, so people said, “Once Again,” Jeremy and Connie are starting a new business, hence the name Once Again Nut Butter. Over the next thirty years, Jeremy and Connie would work hard to create a company that strives to provide delicious organic, gluten-free peanut butter and natural nut butter products that continue to be enjoyed across the U.S. today.

Does the raccoon in the logo have some significance?

Four baby raccoons, referred to as kits or cubs, grew up on the factory grounds. They were apparently orphans and really enjoyed the nut butters. The Once Again Family adopted them, and one of them was lovingly named Rocky. The cubs were very friendly and adored by the office, so in turn, they adopted them and created the company logo in their honor.

The Once Again Family helped the raccoons in their early months then released them into the forest. To this day, the byproducts are donated to area farms or to nature lovers who often use it as animal and bird foods. The raccoon has become a symbol of Once Agains wholesome nature, closeness and responsibility to the earth and the nature of their product.

Explore a full list of Once Again Nut Butter Gluten-Free Food Program (GFFP) certified products on their dedicated webpage.

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