The CeraSport Hydration Story

October 2021 Featured Personal Care Product of the Month

The Science To Stop Dehydration

Ceralyte Hydration was first developed in 1993 as a clinical supplement to stop the widespread death caused by dehydration and diarrhea brought on by diseases like cholera in Bangladesh.

Scientifically proven through strategic testing to be more effective at rehydration, CeraSport’s rice-based formula, with it’s complex carbohydrate source, is more effectively absorbed into the body for a longer time period than all the simple sugar-based Oral Rehydration Solutions on the market today. Ceralyte controls even the most severe symptoms of dehydration and diarrhea, and balances fluid levels on a cellular level. No matter how severe the dehydration or the environment, Ceralyte has a formula to treat dehydration and keep you hydrated, period.

Designed To Match Your Hydration Needs

Ceralyte products are designed to match your specific hydration level and needs. Ceralyte 50 formula designed to treat mild dehydration and Ceralyte 70 formula restores fluid and nutritional balance in more severe cases of dehydration and fluid losses due to illness or endurance training.

Cera is the only manufacturer in the world to create a potassium free rehydration solution,

for dehydrated renal patients on low potassium diet, who need sodium but not potassium. Their rice-based formula includes mixed-chain carbohydrates and is all-natural, non-GMO, vegan and provides electrolytes and fluids to people with medical and dietary restrictions.

On The Cutting Edge Of Technology

Cera Products are at the cutting edge of Oral Redydration Solutions (ORS) technology. With the release of Ceravacx, they have a product focused on prevention, not just treatment. Ceravacx is an ingestible vaccine buffer without any need for needles. The science has shown vaccinating through these methods to be incredibly successful. Ceravacx is needle-free, delivering live cultures to the intestines through ingestion. This formula protects the culture as it is absorbed, vaccinating the person quickly and effectively.

From Military To Everyday Athletes

Cera Impactful Clean Hydration has taken their world class rehydration science and brought it to the US Military and is carried in every Individual First Aid Kit in the US Air Force. Working with deployed combat medics, they keep US service members hydrated in the harshest environments around the world.

Cera Products can be found in the fuel belts of some of the world’s most elite endurance athletes, ensuring the best of the best are ready to go from the sound of the starting gun until they cross the finish line.

Rice based, all natural, non-GMO and gluten free, Cera is the superior choice for you to stay hydrated.

Source: Cera Clean Hydration website.

Disclaimer: The Gluten-Free Food Program is not liable for claims made in this article. This article is for information purposes only. Any concerns should be directed to CeraSport directly.