Delorio’s Inc.

Rachel Di Martino

Delorio’s Inc products are Certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten-Free Food Program since 2010 and endorsed by the National Celiac Association.

DeIorio’s gluten-free pizza dough has quickly become a customer favorite, lauded for its unbeatable doughy texture. We call our recipe “homestyle” gluten-free pizza – a thick shell that is soft and nearly identical to traditional dough. Our gluten-free dough is frozen to maintain freshness and thaws quickly, extending shelf life without sacrificing taste.

As a leading gluten-free manufacturer, we know that ingredient integrity is of utmost importance when developing gluten-free dough products. To maintain this integrity, all of our gluten-free dough ingredients are purchased from third-party verified suppliers with Gluten Control Plans in place. DeIorio’s also uses a dedicated storage area for all gluten-free pizza ingredients and specially trains employees on handling gluten-free dough, which greatly reduces cross-contamination risk.


Gluten-Free Shell

  • 5909 – 9” 5.9 oz GFCP 21 PK
  • 5910 – 10” 7.4 oz GFCP Plain SH 21 PK
  • 5912 – 12” 11 oz GFCP SH 21 PK
  • 5914 – 14” 12.5 oz GFCP SH 21 Pk
  • 5970 – 9” 5.9 oz GFCP IN PAN 15 PK

Alternative Gluten-Free Crusts

  • 5910CAU – 10” GF Cauliflower Shell 24 PK
  • 5910BRO – GF Broccoli Shell 24 Pk


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