Nu Pasta Inc.

Rachel Di Martino

Nu Pasta Inc. products are Certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten-Free Food Program since 2019 and endorsed by the National Celiac Association.

What is NuPasta and how is it different from traditional pasta?

A full plate (210g) of regular cooked pasta contains about 300 calories and 2g of dietary fibre, the same amount of NuPasta contains 25 calories and 6g of dietary fibre. NuPasta is also gluten-free.

Regular pasta is made with wheat, a starch which has calories. NuPasta is made with the root of the konjac plant which is rich in dietary fibre and has no starch. The absence of starch is the reason why NuPasta is so low in calories.

Our pasta also comes precooked, which makes preparation easy. You just need to rinse, drain and heat up NuPasta in a pan with your sauce and you’re finished. There is no need to boil our pasta at all!

PRODUCTS:  All products can be purchased in the following sizes.

210g pack or 1 kg pack; also available in 8 x 210g case or 6 x 1kg case.

  • Konjac Spaghetti
  • Konjac Fettuccine
  • Konjac Angel Hair
  • Organic Konjac Spaghetti
  • Organic Konjac Fettuccine
  • Organic Konjac Angel Hair



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