Meet Joanie’s Pastrie

September 2021 Featured Bakery/Restaurant of the Month

Joanie’s Bakery demonstrate excellence in quality in Gluten-Free product. Located in London, Ontario, Canada, they are best known for their award-winning butter tarts.

Created by home baker, Joan Hepburn, Joanie’s began out of her love for a creamy butter tart and for her friend Stephanie, who passed away in 2018. Joanie’s name stems from a combination of the two friend’s, Joan and Stephanie and is an extension of Joan’s talent for gluten-free baking.

The Largest Variety of Gluten-Free Butter Tart Flavors

This exclusive Gluten-Free Food Program certified London shop offers a selection of gluten-free muffins, frozen items, cookies, other goodies, and of course, their famous butter tarts. Joanie’s offers the largest variety of gluten-free butter tart flavors that we have seen, with a choice of Skor, Raisin, Pecan, Maple Butter, Maple Bacon and Raspberry Coconut.

Rasberry Coconut Butter Tart

You Would Never Know that they are Gluten-Free!

Word around town is that Joanie’s has the best butter tart and other gluten-free baked goods that people have tasted, boasting that you would never know that they are gluten-free!

The GFFP is so pleased to have Joanie’s to be part of our certified gluten-free family and as our featured dedicated gluten-free restaurant/bakery for the month of September 2021!

“The best just happens to be gluten-free!”

See a full list of Joanie’s awards on their dedicated GF-Finder webpage.

Source: Joanie’s Pastries website

Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only. Any questions should be directed to Joanie’s Pastries directly.