Iki Japanese Bistro: Canada’s First GFFP Approved Japanese Restaurant

November 2021 Featured Restaurant

Sushi Specialists

In 2017, Iki (meaning chic or stylish) Japanese Bistro became Vancouver, Canada’s first GFFP Approved Restaurant. Specializing in Japanese style cuisine and Sushi, Iki’s owner Makoto is passionate about providing a safe place for his customers with celiac to enjoy a meal out. 

As many people with celiac disease can attest to, it can be hard to find celiac safe Asian cuisine, so Iki is a dream come true offering gluten-free tempura, gyozas (dumplings),teriyaki and of course, Sushi. Though Iki advertises gluten-free Sushi on their store front, they are definately much more than that!

Add Iki Japanese Bistro to your list of places to go to on your next trip to Vancouver, BC.

Source: GF-Finder.com, Iki Japanese Bistro Instagram Account

Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only. All inquiries should be directed to Iki Japanese Bistro.