Jones Dairy Farm: Free From Gluten & The Big 8 Allergens

January 2022 Featured Food & Beverage Brand Of The Month

Jones Dairy Farm changes the conversation by using real, wholesome ingredients and nothing more in their products. You will never find any fillers or binders to their breakfast sausage, bacon, Canadian Bacon, ham or liver sausage products—so they’re always Certified Gluten-Free and Big 8 allergen free.

About Jones Dairy

In 1889, a dairy farmer from Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin named Milo Jones started Jones Dairy Farm. Now, a 7th generation family owned and operated company, Jones Dairy Farm has been using, all natural ingredients, original recipes and time-honored traditions to create products that are synonymous to the Jones name Dairy name for more than 130 years.

The Way Milo Would Have Wanted It

When Milo started the family business, he wanted to share it with people both near and far. Though many developments have been made to make production faster and cheaper in the food business over the past 132 years, Jones has stayed true to their original recipes and way that Milo would have wanted it. You won’t find anything artificial in any of their products.

Free From Gluten & The Big 8

Right from the beginning, Jones Dairy has refused to add artificial flavors, MSG, fillers and binders to their products. Enjoy the added peace of mind when serving family and friends because all Jones products are free of all of the Big 8 food allergens such as milk, eggs, corn and more.

Jones has an extensive variety of Certified Gluten-Free products, and is also very involved in the gluten-free community, to support programs, promote awareness and fund research.

For more than a century, the Jones family has been passionately creating exceptional, high-quality products that are unique to the market. If you have never tried Jones Dairy Farm products, you definately should!

*Disclaimer: The purposed of this article is for information purposes only. Any inquiries about the company or it’s products should be directed to the company directly.