Tips for eating out in a non-certified gluten-free restaurant

We encourage you to use your best judgement when it comes to your own health and safety ​while eating out. These questions are just suggestions, and are not necessarily evidence that the eatery is certified Gluten-Free.

To see if the restaurant or eatery may be safe to eat at, undertake a few test questions with the staff:​

  • What are the options on the menu that are gluten-free?​
  • Do you have an ingredient list for each menu option?​
  • How is the gluten-free [food item] cooked?​
  • Do you have dedicated fryers and toasters for gluten-free items?​
  • How are your gluten-free ingredients and products items labeled and stored?​
  • Do they have dedicated gluten-free equipment and utensils?​

If these quick fire question cannot be answered, the restaurant is most likely not a trusted gluten free provider.​ But always uses your best judgement.

Things to consider when speaking to staff members:

  • Do the staff seem knowledgeable when you inquire about these questions or the gluten-free options on the menu?​
  • Do the staff put you at ease about their gluten-free options?
  • Does it appear the staff are adequately trained in the gluten-free accommodations?

If the answer is “no” to any of the questions above, the restaurant may not be a trusted gluten-free provider.

You can recommend our GF-Smart training program.​

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