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Simply type what you are looking for into the search below. Try searches like "Pizza", "Brownie", "Italian", "Plant base", "Glove", etc. or by categories like "Baked goods", "Restaurants", and more. All the certified organizations that provide or produce the items will appear. Click on the various companies, and review the company profile and products. Enjoy exploring your safe gluten-free options!

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We've got your gluten-free lifestyle covered with a directory of certified gluten-free food, drinks, restaurants, personal care products, and more! Whether you're gluten-free by choice or for health reasons like celiac disease, our certification program means the companies listed here meet rigid standards to ensure their food and products are truly gluten-free. GF-Finder also features gluten-free recipes, books, and other resources to help you live gluten-free.

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Our endorsement partners support one or more of the Gluten-Free Food Programs. For more information about the Celiac Association’s endorsement, click on the links below.

Featured Food & Beverage

Kensington Market and Just Sauce 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Meals, Soup and sauces
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Featured Restaurants & Places

Schooner Fish & Chips
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

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Gluten-FreeFood & Beverage​
Quay Naturals
Snacks, Breads
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Gluten-FreePersonal Care Products
Cera Products Inc
snacks, Bars, drinks, nutritional, Rehydration, Sports, Sports bars, beverages
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Gluten-FreeRestaurants & Places
Vital Root
Denver Colorado
The Dipped Donut
Delaware Ohio
Annie's Seafood Restaurant
Stratford Ontario
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Featured Personal Care Products

Kate Farms
Santa Barbara California
formula, medical food, organic, pediatric, Baby Formula, gluten free baby formula

Our Gluten-Free Food Program Certification (GFFP)

We're on a mission to make gluten-free living accessible for everyone, and we're always looking to partner with likeminded businesses who want to help make that a reality. We have two main programs. Click on either below to learn more.

Gluten-Free Certification for Manufacturers and BrandsCertification and Standards for the Manufacturing of Gluten-Free Products​
Gluten-Free Certification for Restaurants and Food Service EstablishmentsCertification and Standards for Restaurants and Food Service Establishments​
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We are constantly adding trusted gluten-free products and eateries. If you know of a product or establishment that is certified gluten-free which is not on our list or they wishes to become certified, let us know and we will be happy to contact them. ​​
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